How should we treat nail fungus?

1. Have you tried colloidal silver? It clears fungal infections very well.

I would assume that most CS users in this forum make their own.

2. 465 Hz appears often and doesn't seem to be helping here.

Three sets you could try are:
Fungus Black Nail (CUST) and Onychomycosis (KHZ).
I have had some results with Epidermophyton Floccosum where it seemed to control the fungus perimeter. (Seemed to work better than laser treatment, filing, etc. of podiatrist)

The simplest thing to do is to load all three of these into a preset (H-bomb or Inverse sawtooth waveform) and then tick remove duplicate frequencies.
There are several Hz here which aren't in sets you have tried so fingers crossed these will do something.

My personal preference here would be 9.5v max amplitude and 100% offset, using Out1 only, not boost. I think you have tens pad setup correct.

This will take some time and so suggest to take regular photos so as to track if there is any progress.

I would give it 2-3 weeks chance to make a difference even if you had the right frequencies as this is a tough one to beat.

Keep in touch with how it goes here and what works and what doesn't - together we can help make this system more effective.

3. Consider Oil of Oregano, GSE Grapefruit seed extract, Sunlight, Ozonated Olive oil, Borax soap soak and/or Baking soda, as a Dr claims cancer is a fungus and he washes the tumors with either baking soda or borax...I forgot. Both would go after fungus.

4. I wonder if the difficulty with treating any kind of nail bug using contact mode might be because nails don't conduct because their water content is low. To this end, I would suggest spraying them with water so the current can flow over the surface of the nails. I don't mean soak them just get a mist of water on their surface that will make their surface as conductive as flesh.

5. I don't have rife suggestions but I know olive leaf extract often works. Recently, a friend and great practitioner turned me onto a very strong high-quality freeze-dried garlic. He tells me it works well on nail fungus. It must be taken internally, but I believe topically as well.

6. Found a very homemade solution for battling the nail fungus. (using a hairdryer + cardboard)

7. Contact or remote frequencies may not do anything as the fungi are in dead tissue where there may not be any conductivity. The other thing is that these frequencies may not be appropriate for microsporum, epidermophyton or trichophyton which cause nail fungus, ringworm, etc.

8. You are never going to be able to get the current to pass through the toes, so it is going to be difficult to place them closer than the top of the foot... I don't know how sensitive that area is, so don't know what all precautions you would have it take to have it be effective.

I have been using the remote for mold/fungus and my fingernails appear to be clearing up and my toenails have been painful, like I stirred up the proverbial hornet's nest, so something good should come out of it.

Also, please understand, that when the finger and toenails are messed up with fungus or other, it takes several months for the nails to grow out again - AFTER the nail generator heals.

So the process is: kill the pathogen, let the nail bed heal, wait for the nail to grow out, if after 3 months, you aren't happy, then start something else. An alternative is to keep running different programs targeting possible problems - but then you don't know what helped if that matters to you.

9. I have run fungus programs from Morgellons protocol and also clipping of infected nail remotely and had success overtime with both.

10. This is a matter of finding the correct frequency to kill the fungus, and running it long enough to do the task.

I have a number of "bad" nails, but not sure whether it is fungus or something else. I am finally using the Morgellons and Lyme Protocol and have progressed up to the Biofilm Presets. There is much activity happening within, although, not sure how much is happening at the nails. The nail junk may be related, or not.

11. Trichophyton rubrum, which helped me in one week with plasma.

12. I've tried Remote, Plasma and used Silver and had success run ML fungus programs.

13. You can use remote (Plasma is stronger) and for me, the Onychomycosis worked best. But I highly recommend "pure" Tea Tree oil for the affected nail & area over a long period of time. The smell Of Tea Tree is very strong, so I use a mixture with lavender oil and eucalyptus that you mix to your own liking. Suggest 4oz of Tea Tree cause it will take "time and persistence" the others are more for making them smell acceptable, for starters mix 12 droppers of Tea Tree with 4-6 of lavender 2-4 of eucalyptus. Then place in an empty dropper bottle or some other container (could use ear swabs to apply if no dropper) When I tried Rife only it took it out but mine had dug in deep and kept recurring. I am now in the final stages of getting it out completely and this is what it took, persistent treatment with tea tree mixture and occasional touch up with Rife. FYI Tea Tree kills fungus dead almost immediately the problem is the smell and how deep the fungus has progressed (don't forget about socks, shoes and carpet/floors…anything that can harbor. I use borax with my laundry)

For more details, please check the link:

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  • I head first noticed my nail fungus 15 years ago. I tried every home remedy some epson salts and vinegar soaks and over the counter topical medications.

    I then tried the oral Lamisil tablets for 3 months and the fungus went away for the most part. The problem is it came back after I stopped for a while.

    I went back on the Lamisil tablets again with all the nasty side effects. The second time the side effects were too great and I had to stop before I could complete the course.

    Then read a post where someone said you had to kill it from the inside which is similar to what the Lamisil tablets do. BUT, the suggestion was to consume vinegar daily to raise the pH level of your body.

    What I did was i drank two tablespoons of vinegar diluted in water in the morning and then two tablespoons of vinegar in water in the evening.

    It's been 9 months. When I started I had fungus on 7 out of my 10 toes. I noticed a difference in my bigger toes after four to six months. My smaller toenails didn't look any different. I thought I would be stuck with fungus on those nails for life.

    Well I really looked at them again today. They are almost totally smooth and almost all pink. I think within another month or two the very tips will be clear also.

    This was over 15 years of battling the fungus. Fingers crossed the last bit of fungus should be gone soon. I will probably continue to drink the vinegar to keep the fungus away plus I think it has helped me lose weight because it takes away my appetite in the morning.

    So I'very had no ill effects from the vinegar. I rinse my mouth out well so I don't ruin the enamel on my teeth.

    The other thing to mention is I've gone 4 or 5 days without drinking vinegar when I was on vacation. I could probably cut down to vinegar to once a day but I'm going to make sure this is good and gone before I stop. After 15 years of battling this he'll probably continue the vinegar for the rest of my life.


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