The note for the program Parasites Taenia says "See Parasites Tapeworms and Taenia. Do not use until you are familiar with the tapeworm protocol." My question is, what is the tapeworm protocol and what is the reason for this warning?

When dealing with tapeworms, there is a serious danger of splitting the tapeworm, and each and every of the newly created parts, become an active individual, so the problem increases, instead of decreasing.

As Hulda Clark recommended, when using tapeworms freqs, use ALWAYS 100% Positive Offset, and never use that range for less time than the needed to kill the tapeworms.

Also keep in mind that tapeworms often carry other passengers, as bacteria and viruses, so it is advised to deal with the passengers first, and then work on the tapeworm freqs. After that, I also use the standard zapper treatment of 7-20-7-20-7.

When Dr Clark says not to use a frequency generator to kill the tapeworm, and use a zapper instead, she means to use a 100% Offset.

For more details, please check the link:

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