My best friend was recently diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which is an uncommon neuropathy that is not fully understood by the medical or scientific community.

Parasites would be my guess since as you know I firmly believe bugs are the cause of most problems the body gets and they get in to our systems during traumas. I walked around with Borellia and Bartonella all my life but others end up in wheel chairs so it is clear that there are some subtle differences between people and their environment/diet making some suffer worse with the same bugs. Borrelia causes cysts especially under the slightest trauma and under trauma conditions Bartonella gets in to the nerves and eats them causing staggering pain. It may not be these bugs but they fit with the history you gave, are very common and would be undetected but doctors.

It used to take my body about 3 weeks to flush the Bartonella out of the nerves after each recurring back trauma but if the body is under load from other bugs then maybe it can't fight back enough and the pain continues.

You need direct action like contact mode, coil or tube for these bugs in my opinion. 433 Hz & 2016 Hz for Borrelia, 364 Hz for Batonella but I would hate to see what happens if Borrelia bites back when attacked with your friend already in such a state so I would treat Bartonella first to reduce the pain. Additionally HPV(BX) is a common bug and its parasite BY causes joint pain that I still suffer if I don't keep the BY at low levels. You can use 1604 KHz for it and recently I found 991.5 Hz stops the joint pains so must be killing BY along with clearing the head enabling clear thinking.

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