How can I run both killing on the black and healing on the white at the same time, after I choose my frequencies?

There are a couple of conflicting possibilities here, so I'll try to cover them all.

1. Use of the white (BN) remote and the black (MN) remote on the same generator is not a supported configuration when wired at the same time to a boost. The power will be split between them and effectively negate the use of the boost. Some are doing just this; however, from a pure experimentation approach (trying to see if they negate the polarity bias while retaining the boosted efficacy).

2. The white (BN) remote and the black (MN) remote both can heal, and both can kill. The difference between them is in their polarity bias. The white (BN) remote is negative while the black (MN) remote is positive.

Cells have negative charges, pathogens have positive charges.

The white remote tends to heal better most likely because of this, and while the black remote can kill faster than the white remote, use for more than 3 days usually results in frequency fatigue/Herx reactions. Pathogens that fail to go away after the use of the black remote tend to come back with a vengenace, the working theory is that the positive polarity of the black (MN) remote ends up strengthening them.

So it is suggested that one use the white (BN) remote for both healing and killing modalities unless the condition can be taken care of in 3 days or less.

3. The generator can only run one set of frequencies at a time in a program (with one exception that I will cover shortly). This means that if you group healing and killing frequency sets into one program, you will need to use settings that are applicable to both, and it would progress down the list. If you stacked your killing sets first, then healing sets, it would do killing first then healing, then repeat if you have the program on loop.

It generally is best to separate healing and killing modalities so that you can use the best settings for each approach.

This is why 2 generators is often recommended over one, as one can be setup to do healing/detox, while the other killing.

However, there is an advanced option recently made available that allows one to output one frequency set on Out1 and an entirely separate frequency set on Out2.

This would allow you to run say a killing frequency set on Out 1, and detox in parallel on Out 2.

You could even wire up two remotes directly to each output and put separate targets into each and hit each target with their own frequency sets.

There are a couple of caveats doing this. The power would be 1/2 that what you could get using a boost.

You have to assemble special frequency sets by hand or by using tools that some have made available for this process.

You would still be stuck to using the same settings to address both killing and healing modalities, but at least you could run them in parallel rather than alternating back and forth.

For more details, please check:

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