Is anyone having success treating CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)?

Yes, many of us are creating Chronic Wellness Syndrome. When you kill the pathogens and clean out the junk, the whole body starts working better. It doesn't happen overnight, but it starts working right away, so you may have to start slow to allow the body to clean, then do as you can, but it continues to get better. The progress is relatively fast compared to many other modalities.

The Terrain Protocol and Morgellons Protocol to be very useful help release toxins from body. You can find the two protocols in Spooky2 software:


Let's see what our users say:

1. I bought the Spooky2 GenX Pro because you can do remote and contact simultaneously. I almost died from mold exposure 3 years ago. But have been dealing with health issues since. Chronic fatigue is the worst. I’ve only been using this a few days and am already noticing a difference. No Herx. For me, when I used the chronic fatigue program I started feeling better. My brain fog started clearing. CFS isn’t about body fatigue as much as it’s about your brain shutting down. Debilitating.

2. I am an adventurer but I’ve been plagued with chronic fatigue, recurrent Epstein Barr, recurrent pneumonia, and bronchitis since I was 12 or 13. I moved to the Amazon jungle anyway when I was a 20 and was there for four years as a volunteer teacher, but couldn’t stay because my health just didn’t hold out.

I got my Spooky2 system – just the basics, a few remotes back in the spring. I found out through a blood test I have mycoplasma causing recurrent bronchial pneumonia.

I don’t really understand the Spooky2 so I just started running repeat programs to kill Epstein Barr and Mycoplasma all the time, some vitamins, and “100 Greatest Hits.”

I was severely immune-compromised before and would get ever single cold that passed through. Now my husband gets sick and I get NOTHING.

I couldn’t take a two-hour flight without being down for two weeks with pneumonia, at least three times a year I’d be on antibiotics. Now I haven’t had even a cold in nine months. I’ve had ZERO recurrences of chronic fatigue in nine months.


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