How long does it take to kill a pathogen with a frequency generator?

When looking at how long it takes to kill a pathogen with a frequency generator, you need to be aware that the larger the organism, the longer it usually takes to kill. If it’s a larger parasite such as the Ascaris parasite (usually found in asthma) or a tapeworm, it will likely need a special protocol to kill safely. After killing them with your frequency generator you can re-scan to make sure they have now gone. What you need to remember though, is that inside parasites are bacteria, inside bacteria are viruses. Next comes moulds. So, something may emerge from what you kill (maybe even eggs, yuk). So, it may take several scans and kills to eliminate everything that is bad for you. Over a period of time you will be scanning and only finding perhaps old injuries that have been causing you pain or maybe inoculations that you had years ago. You will need to get rid of toxins after each killing session and clean your bowel, kidneys and liver to get rid of some of these painful problems. (Sometimes even a food allergy can cause the pain.) The frequency generator can even help with toxin elimination and healing.

With the bad stuff gone, you can then use the healing frequencies to gently help your body to heal. You may even discover the frequencies of some of the systems in your body such as DNA healing or nerve healing. How rewarding. You have killed your bacteria, virus etc. without the need for powerful medication. Your immune system can then take over the job of removing the debris.

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