I wonder if anyone thinks the Spooky2 is very effective at removing heavy metals, especially mercury? How do the Detox Mercury frequencies work?

There are sets for toxins from mercury. There are two genes required for efficient mercury detox. Johann Stegmann, the man who started the movement to develop Spooky, lacked both of them. He used Spooky thereafter to do the job - successfully.

Taken back to its base, it has a vibrational frequency just like everything else. Hit the correct frequency and it starts to move within the cell so the cell can clean it out and send it on its way.

Heavy metals, as other toxic substances, when enter your body get trapped inside the cells, because the permeability of the cellular wall allows them to enter the cell, but not to exit.

When you vibrate the cells at a certain rate (frequency), miraculously the permeability of the cellular wall changes, and the heavy metals, and other toxins accumulating on the inside of the cell are allowed to escape. At this moment, your body's excretion systems can deal with these toxic material getting rid of and excreting them through the urine, bowel movements, sweat, and even breath.

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