Are there any suggestions on treating ovarian cancer?

1. Ovarian cancer can be confusing. From my experience it rarely is cancer but a cyst very much like the prostate. I found using Ovarian Cyst 567,982,711 worked and not the Ovarian Cancer programs.

The other aspect to be vary of is the CT125 test.

What is the CA 125 Test?
The CA 125 test is a blood test that determines the level of an antigen in the blood which is known to be a tumor marker. It is commonly used to monitor the state of the disease in ovarian cancer patients, because 80-90% of women with ovarian cancer in its later stages will have signs of the antigen in their blood.

Why isn't the test commonly used as a screening test?
Unfortunately, the test is not as sensitive or specific as would be ideal. This means that there are "false positive" and "false negative" results associated with the test, and at unacceptably high rates to be used as a general screening test (as, for example, mammograms and Pap tests are used).

False Positives - There are many common conditions that can cause an elevation of CA 125 in the blood. Among them are normal ovulation, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, the first trimester of pregnancy, fibroid tumors, and other sources of inflammation in the abdominal and pelvic organs (liver disease, pancreatitis, etc). Also, cervical, endometrial, and other cancers (among them breast, colon, and lung) can inconsistently cause a rise in CA 125.

Looking at this list (which is far from complete, but covers the major conditions), one might notice that they fall roughly into two categories: conditions common in the childbearing years, and conditions you would actually want to know about if you had them. CA 125 does cause many more false positives in pre-menopausal women. But especially after menopause, a false positive for ovarian cancer might be a true positive for something else. Scientists are now at work trying to find ways to use the CA 125 test that might provide more accurate screening information.

False negatives - Another big problem with using the CA 125 for general screening is that it has an unacceptable rate of false negatives. This means that a woman can have a normal test result and still have ovarian cancer. This is especially true in the earliest stage of ovarian cancer - which is exactly when you want a screening test to work well! At least half of women with stage 1 ovarian cancer have normal levels of CA 125 in their blood.

I also read somewhere when investigating something else that cysts are a normal to be formed in child bearing years and then be dissolved as the natural process. Now and again they are not dissolved and the reason why many women do have ovarian cysts. From this I suspect that when the test are done is also important.

2. I do remember that I ran Ovarian Cysts with Cancer Fibrosarcoma for Tumors first, but split the frequencies up between two Generators like this so it got several hits! "Ovarian Cyst",CAFL,"567,982,711, Cancer Fibrosarcoma 1744 So what I did was set Generator 1 with Custom and named it Ovarian Cyst 567 then I set Out 2 = Out 1 x 0 + 982 so that I had 567hz on Out 1 and then on Out 2 982hz I then set Generator 2 and made Custom named Ovarian Cyst 711 and set Out 2 = Out 1 x 0 + 1744 so Out 1 ran 711hz and Out 2 ran 1744 hz and then after a few days I switched Generator 2 setting for Out 2 = Out 1 x 0 + 982 which basically I replaced the 1744 for 982 hz because it was the frequency for Cysts Ovarian BIO and ran it for several days! What I did after a week was to run these two Cancer Ovarian KHZ programs and setup Out 2 for 1744 hz with same settings and Out 2 for Generator 2 for 982 hz! I hope this helps and here is screenshot for the last two sets I mentioned.

I would also run Ovarian Cysts CAFL because when I helped my friend with Ovarian Cancer it made a difference and we got her count going backwards! If she has had Chemo which I hope she hasn't but if so let me know because I have some programs that will get her back on her feet and it did amazing things for my friend because she was a Nurse and said it was the best she had felt in a couple years and was now able to lift her patients once again which she hadn't been able to do for a couple years! Ovarian Cancer is very tricky and most of the time it is a Cyst rather than Cancer!

3. I like your idea of sending two separate frequencies out on one generator is a clever idea.

In your case as you are dealing with a cancer I think running the Holland eleventh harmonic on OUT2 is a better idea. See Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege:

Preset - Cancer Ovarian & Sarcoma x 11 (R)
Cancer Ovarian & Sarcoma x11 (R).txt
Copy preset to C:\Program Files\Spooky...\Preset Collections\User folder.

Settings tab should look like this once you load the attached preset:


4. Find attached three presets for Adencarcinoma:
Cancer Adenosarcoma x 11 (R).txt
Cancer Adenosarcoma (KHZ) x 11 (R).txt

To combine the above to presets into one Preset I had to use the Chain Preset function. The reason for doing this is that the KHZ program requires 100% positive offset for contact use. Nevertheless, I did same for Remote preset for consistency purpose although I don't think this matters for Remote operation.
Cancer Adencarcinoma & KHZ chain x 11 (R).txt

If you want to run the above presets in contact mode you will need to change the Amplitude setting for OUT1 = 20 and OUT2 =20 or adjust to a voltage that suits you. 
Load the Remote preset, select the settings tab, change the Amplitude settings, select Preset Tab and save. Rename preset as "Cancer adenocarcinoma chain x 11 (C)" without quotes.

Load the new contact preset into a generator, Select allow Generator Overwrites and click start. Select Settings Tab and check Amplitude settings are correct.

5.On Char Boehm's site it says Ovarian Cancer is caused by HPV type 16. 

You could buy her frequencies for that and run them and see if that works. She also has a Human Papilloma set that includes type 16 and others.

Have you been tested for HPV?

6.If you type HPV in the search window you will find many of the HPV variants XTRA & BP.
I suggest running them one at a time and not be an idiot like me and run a whole bunch together at the one time and end up getting hit by another virus strain or different virus like EBV.

7.I remember when I was helping my friend with Ovarian Cancer and when she changed her diet it made all the difference in the world. She started using that Dr Shultz Incurables Program along with running Rife and I saw your setup above and that was the way I ran it a few years ago but now they have it setup where it is a lot easier to run a second frequency on Out 2! If you have already had chemo before let me know and I will give you some programs to run that will give you much more energy and help to build your immune system back.

8. If you aren't already aware of this site, Cancer Tutorsite is a good spot for summing up many available treatments.

Nagalase, Research it.
Many researchers working on Nagalase met untimely suspicious deaths.
Late Dr Nicholas Gonzalez' research is a must to read. Not everyone does best on Keto diet for cancer.

Tests can determine your particular best. Generalizations are not always the best.Some thrive on Vegan, some deteriorate on it.

For more details, please check the link:

9. I as well have endometrial cancer, lung and liver Mets. I did Terrain. It is very important. Then use your BFB and allow it to tell you what frequencies it hears with regards to the type of cancer present. Then for sure use the cancer tool. I just learned how. And I love it.
It puts together not only cancer targets but cleaning and detox targets as well that are much needed, because when the cancer dies off we don't want the stem cell running around to find new homes. Hence that is what happened to me in the beginning when I did not consider the value of the detox process.

For more details, please check the link:



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