Stage IV Lung Cancer metastasized to bones.

1. In my opinion of course the spooky treatment is a musts BUT meanwhile I think you can a do a lot.

The cancer final stage is not just BX virus it is as well huge inmunodreprimid guy then with parasite , fungus and low vital element and so forth.

Then for me the best strategy is:
Vitamin C pure 3 gr Each meal
Colloidal silver ( 1/2 glass 10ppm) twice a day away from meals
kefir ( excelen probiotic tu regultae frora ( it is where aour immune system home)
Inmunoestimulant like leaf oilve extract
Optimize thiroide function in particular T3 selenium and zinc ( in order to transform T4 in T3) and supplement if it is necessary ( normally does ) lugol solution 5 % to address typical low T3, a lot of water, Milk, refinated sugar, alcohol, carbo hydrates absolutely nothing. I mean forbidden ( sugar is food for cancer ) Raw food as much as as possible.

Then you can wait more comfortable to spooky in order to address BX or BY virus infection.

2. Liposomal Vit C can be the best way to take C as it is much greater absorption type:

3. My contribution in addition to all of the above.

I would consider all of the following options whilst waiting for your deliveries:

Nebulized Colloidal Silver (machine and water/liquid combination preparation)
Also, drink Colloidal Silver - maybe 3 half glasses per day.
Turmeric (encapsulated Double Doses minimum)
Vit B17 Apricot Kernels (encapsulated Double Doses)
Lipsomal Vit C (lots of it)
Cold Pressed Organic Flaxseed Oil (encapsulated Double Doses)
Youngs Essential Oils & Reference Book - Seriously consider Frankincense, Balsam Fir, Thieves, Thyme, Lavender, Sandalwood, Palo Santo, etc.

Most products available via

Probably the best cancer site on the internet:

For more details, please check the link:

4. We have cancer protocol in Spooky2 software that is under \Cancer\DB presets. There is a GUIDE Cancer DB - Click Me. pdf. You can do cancer treatment following the instruction. But for faster treatment, we recommend that you use Contact mode.

You can use nails for someone with lung cancer. There is also a program for pleural effusion in case. It’s best to refresh the nails every 3 months. Also did other programs like serotonin, frankincense, Vitamin B17. You can also run advanced cancer protocols.

For more details, please check the link:

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  • is a great resource. In fact, that is why I ended up buying Spooky Central. My husband has lung cancer with mets to the ribs. The site recommended the Cellect-Budwig diet with a $4500 Rife machine available from a for profit company. Searching around I found Spooky Central and purchased the kit. Cellect alone is extremely powerful. It supplies all the nutrients necessary to change cellular DNA back to a normal state. Cancer and other illnesses are then corrected. I believe the 2 systems work together well-one on a molecular level and Spooky on the atomic level. The link for Cellect is and also There are also FB groups. My husband is doinf 8 scoops of the Cellect powder daily and whey shakes. We started with Spooky Central about 2 weeks ago. 

  • What type of machine do you recommend


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