My white remote LED won't light up when I run a program.

Since you are using the basic mode and the JW - Healing (Remote) preset, the settings are not a factor.

Try running something using the JW - Killing (Remote) preset as a test, since this uses more voltage, and see if the LEDs light. If not, then examine the following.

What you can check is the following, in the most likely order why your remote is not lighting up.

1. Cables or Boost connection to the generator is secure.

2. Remote is secure to the boost.
Ensure that the connector is locked over the pins.

3. The generator is actually communicating. Use the menu Utils, Show Errors to see if the software is reporting generator communication issues. Look at the bottom status bar to see if the RE: field has a number other than 0.

4. Ensure that when you start the generator, the channel control window above turns Green from Red.

5. Ensure the generator switches from OFF to ON on the display in both the top and bottom status boxes.

6. Ensure that the 2nd line of each of the status boxes on the generator's display shows a frequency other than 0. This is the line that starts with F=.

7. Ensure the amplitude is over 2v. 2v is at the threshold of being enough power to light the LEDs. Sometimes they will light, sometimes they will not. In your case, it may be that it's enough to light one LED, but not the other.

To confirm that this is the case, and not an issue with a connection point, temporarily boost the voltage to 20v. This will ensure that there is plenty of power to light the LEDs.

8. It may be phantom ports, that were left behind when Spooky2 didn't do a clean shutdown. To learn how to remove these phantom ports, see:

If your generator passes both #5 and #6, then go back to #1 and recheck the connections.

If this pans out, then try the other remote in your kit. If it lights, and when you swap back the other does not, then you may have a real issue with your Remote.

For more details, please check:

9. Try the following if you have not already, as it appears that the communications line to that generator is not 100% functional.

While Spooky2 is shut down, unplug the USB cable to that affected generator. Power down the generator for a bit of time, power back on.

Replug in the USB cable and allow the OS to re-establish the driver link.

Start Spooky2 back up and see if this fixes the issue.

If not, for whatever reason, your COMS chip may be blown. Installation of the spare COMS chip may be the next thing to look into if nothing else works.

You can check the link for Spooky2 Remote LEDs Don't Light Up:

For more details, please check:


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