Poison Ivy frequencies.

1. Within the first 15 minutes of running the following program, the itching from my poison ivy rash completely stopped. Even the vesicles have disappeared within the first hour of running this. I know I caught this early, and that may partly explain the rapid resolution. I only realized today that it was poison ivy causing my finger to itch so badly.

I found the frequencies for several urashiols on PubChem Compound on http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.

Urashiol oil is the toxin responsible for the allergic rash from poison ivy and poison oak. I converted the molecular mass of each one to Hertz, using the equation on this page:

Those numbers were multiplied by the square root of 2 in order to find the frequencies to use to detox /destroy the urashiol.

While these frequencies worked well, I would love to know if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve the program.

100731798783000000000000000,101373842492000000000000000, 103992695349000000000000000, 100089755074000000000000000,

I used frequency limits between 1000000-25000000, frequencies direct, amp 20, damped sinusoidal waveform, and hex harmonics.

2. Do searches in the Program tab to search with and choose programs that fit your needs. I would probably use a Healing Shell Preset for similar.

3. My husband is highly allergic. Blisters will develop. Last summer I ran Plant Poison and it fixed him right up. 

With the changes in the database, I am not sure if it has a better choice now or not.

4. I had poison ivy on and off for years! I empathize with your misery! Good advice above! Along with the advice above, I would also add the "itching" programs and, when it comes to skin, I suggest using the contact as, I heard, it's more powerful than remote. Maybe try the remote during the day (like when you work) and when you get home, do the contact silver hand holds or tens pads.

For more details, please check the link:

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