Difference between Spooky2 Remote and Radionics

Spooky2 Remote does use a "subtle energy" to "transmit". Some people call this "Quantum Entanglement" and some people call it "Radionics". "Radionics" itself goes by various names within that specific field of using "rates" as the transmission value (not the same as "Hz frequencies").

So, the short answer I think would be that in the context of the "radionics" section of the Spooky2 Forum, we are talking about using a rate system on a separate device. Radionics would require the ability to dowse and gives one the ability to detect energy patterns in the body. Various devices have assigned number values to organs, systems, and imbalances in the body.

What radionics does is phase conjugate or balance these energy patterns in the energy body. While "Rife Technology" was basically based on destroying organisms, "Radionics" worked on energy fields. What the Spooky2 Remote does is "bridge" the frequency "information" with the body's higher intelligence allowing the body to use these frequencies remotely. It is, in a way, radionics using a different numerical value system. I think that "actual" radionics, using rates, allows a more precise "detection" and "balancing" of energy patterns...which in my mind is the perfect complement to Rife Technology....either in contact or remote.

Jeff Sutherland and Dr. Loyd have experimented extensively using both technologies simultaneously in remote mode. An example would be to use rife for eliminating parasites and using radionics simultaneously to balance the energy pattern of the Liver, Kidneys, and/or Intestines.

One of the things Dr. Loyd has found is that some people have difficulty getting well because they have high mold toxicity which must be mitigated for the immune system to work on other conditions (ie: cancer). He has found that a radionic rate is the most effective for mold and therefore uses radionics for mold and rife for the other stuff.

Finding good information on radionics isn't as easy as one would hope. There is a LOT of Psionic material that has nothing to do with health or wellness. Most of my info came from piecing together stuff out of various books. It can be confusing because there are differences in devices and actually differences in the way experts have come to do diagnosis! Since radionics was actively "squashed", most of the really talented practitioners were self-taught and many practiced quietly. Much of the valuable information they accumulated was lost when they retired or died.

Understanding radionics will take some study.

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