Is the presence of certain pathogens the cause or the result of of cancer e.g. a metabolic change in the tumor environment that might be "attractive" to bacteria, fungi or viruses?

I should state up-front that I have absolutely no experience when it comes to Cancer.

However the following information has been gained/given to me from a very credible "Spiritual" source - It also confirms a previous post from both myself and Hans Rikkerink on this Forum about the importance of the "12 Divine Cell Salts" this information should not be underestimated or ignored under any circumstances by those that have this illness.

There are also available the Mineral Cell Salt Spooky Frequencies (unproven), Radionic Rates, and the 12 physical Cell Salts themselves for purchase..... for those who have ears to listen.
Details are as follows and backed-up by a Google source I just found also:

Mineral Cell Salts

All of the body's cells are made up of combinations of the 12 basic mineral cell salts and are activated in fusion by the mineral salt Iron Phosphate, also known as Ferrum Phos. In the presence of an Acidic PH level, stress, toxins, lack of proper oxygen supply and other conditions the fluids of the body and blood become depleted in Iron (Iron Phosphate, Ferrum Phos) and three forms of Potassium known as Kali Sulph (Sulphate of Potassium), Kali Phos (Potassium Phosphate) and Kali Mur (Chloride of Potassium). In cases of stomach cancer, Natrium Phosphate (sodium Phosphate) will also be lacking.

When this happens, the corpuscles of the body slowly suffocate and "putrefy". THIS IS THE TRUE CAUSE OF CANCER on a biochemical level. Without Iron, cellular combustion cannot go on in the body. A mix of the correct mineral cell salts and Iron are the legitimate cure for this putrid and virulent disease.

Normally these mineral cell salts and Iron are abundant in raw, uncooked fruits, vegetables, legumes, herbs and certain spices. Most modern diets are lacking in these things or the modern body is too Acidic in PH and lacking proper nutrients and oxygen to perform cellular combustion, hence putrefaction of the cells.

Table salt (sodium) is not a healthy salt and should be avoided. These are mineral cell salts which make up the parts of the body’s cellular tissues, table salt is not one of the recommended cancer fighting salts and the grains are too course to be assimilated into the cells unless specially prepared and crushed in micro homeopathic quantities.

It cannot be overstated that it is essential when fighting cancer to supplement your diet with the following mineral cell salts to replenish the putrefied cells and get corpuscle combustion started. These mineral cell salts can be found in your local health store in tablets that can be chewed or easily dissolved in water or herbal tea and drank. They should all be taken together, three times daily with the prescribed amount of tablets listed on the bottles.

You can also search online to find out which natural foods already have these various Potassium, Iron and Natrium mineral cell celts abundant in them already. "You are what you eat."

These forms of Potassium mixed with Iron is the biochemical cancer healing agent.

1. Kali Phos (Potassium Phosphate)

2. Kali Mur (Chloride of Potassium)

3. Kali Sulph (Sulphate of Potassium). The most vital of the three Potassium mineral cell salts

4. Ferrum Phos (Iron Phosphate) absolutely necessary for the corpuscles and cellular combustion needed with the preceding Potassium cell salts

5. Natrium Phosphate (for cases of stomach cancer, along with the three Potassium mineral salts and the Iron Phosphate)

For more details, please check the link:

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