Any suggestions for running the "eye floater"? Has anyone had a positive experience with eye floaters?

1. For eye floaters, I used JW healing on white BN remote. Square wave.
Ran Spooky2 EYE FLOATERS frequency set for 2 days.


2. I have found my floaters clear up a lot if I avoid sugar, grain, and dairy. Also I use some NAC eye drops that help. There are some who say floaters may be caused by EBV, so I'm running that in addition to the eye floaters frequencies.

3. My mom had eye floaters- it ended up being herpes in her eyes! she went on anti-biotics for 6 weeks or maybe 2 months, she seems ok now.

4. Floaters increase with inflammation. In using frequency specific microcurrent, 40Hz and 116Hz I see dramatic decreases in floaters in patients if the bugs which drive up the inflammation are properly addressed.

For more details, please check:

5. You may find this post helpful:

6. My strong strong suggestion is to get to a good ophthalmologist as soon as possible, as these are signs of a detach(ing/ed) retina. You need to get it checked out, because it can be fixed, and if it is not the case, it will take some of the load off of your mine. In the meantime, there are also frequencies for retinal detachment and retinal diseases.

7. eye floaters = lyme borrelia. I had eye floaters, and when I rifed for lyme they vanished.
From what I have researched.... I think the biggest problem with eyesight is undiagnosed lyme disease ... epidemic and can manifest in many different ways.

If I had eye floaters again my strategies would be to 1. Spray Spooky2 nano colloidal silver in eyes and mouth few times a day 2. Rife and Plasma for "lyme, bartonella" 3. Rife and Plasma "Spooky pulse frequencies".

8. I also had an episode where suddenly I had flashes, then lots of floaters. Eye doc said vitreous gel had shrunk with age, and broken a blood vessel in my eye when it pulled away from the interior of the eyeball. He said the floaters would settle down after a few months. Never happened. However, when I ran the sequences for eye floaters, they practically disappeared. I have in the past had floaters that were due to parasites, but these were definitely different. I do find that eye acts up again if I have sugar or high glycemic carbs. I've also had general relief from nanosilver and from NAC eye drops.

9. I have the same symptoms and I had best results with the preset detox programs. After seeing the eye Dr. Who confirmed there us no detachment going on.

I feel it has much to do with aging of course, but also so many of my 'acute' issues have lessened or disappeared only after doing preset detox runs.
Starting my third one today.

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10. Eye floaters may be the result of mercury toxicity

Besides, in most eye disorders zinc imbalance is present. More anti-oxidants in your diet are another suggestion but notice also that our eyes are related to liver toxicity. So again, "Bacteria is nothing, terrain is everything"...
maybe these pages would be also helpful:
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Information on treatment options, nutrition & lifestyle
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11. Attached find my proven Floater set. I used it successfully many times with my 6C EM+...

12. I have used MSM sulphur works well. There would be frequency for this. It is from a slight retinal bleed.

For more details, please check the link from:

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