If my husband will be on chemo therapy, does he need to stop using the Spooky2 while on chemo, or keep doing what he did?

It is very important to stop using the rife machine 24-48 hour prior to chemo treatment, and at least 4 days after the last treatment of chemo. However, some users also tried and said they can run Spooky safely during chemo. Below are their recommendation:

1. Assuming you have the Spooky Pulse attachment, run a Biofeedback (Cancer Scan 150000 - 170000 and General Scan 76000 - 152000) scan using tens pads contact method to see if it returns any hits. If it does then save the file by giving it a name and date, then do a Reverse Lookup and see what correlates with any returned hits. Your scan will have been saved as a 'custom' file. Use the 'Spooky Central' Preset to do a Plasma treatment on this scan. John White's video tutorials are invaluable to your learning curve.

Also, run the following programs using Plasma:

Day 1
Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
Pseudomyxoma Peritonei
Cancer General

Day 2
Spooky Central Cancer - JW (Located in the folders 'Cancer > Plasma >)
Spooky Central Cancer Overnight Sweep

Day 3
Fresh Biofeedback Scans Treatment via Plasma

Each time you run the programs include a detox program (R) concurrently or immediately after Plasma/remote treatment. Also, include blood cleansers and immune system programs via remote. The biofeedback scans presets are in the 'Biofeedback' folder of the new October 2016 version of Spooky2.

The statistical cure rates for those on chemo being treated for stage 4 cancer is very poor. It may extend survival for a little while, but at the cost of your health. I have seen many cancer patients treated with chemo and radiotherapy amongst family friends over the course of thirty years.

Much of the debilitating side effects from chemo such as nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, mouth ulcers etc... are due to the targeting of the fast-replicating healthy cells in the intestinal tract lining, bone marrow, throat, hair, and nails and not necessarily die off.

Signals from an area in the brain react to chemicals or drugs in the blood as well as to sight, taste, smell, emotions, and pain. This can induce nausea and vomiting.

Chemotherapy drugs can also trigger a drop in blood cell count several days after the first dose of treatment is administered. Platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells can all be affected by chemo. A drop in white blood cells is the most common, which is why you may feel fatigued.

My brother was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer two years ago and despite trying to persuade him not to go through the chemo route, he went ahead. On his first chemo session, he had such an adverse reaction, that he ended up in the ICU unit for two weeks where we did not think he would survive. The chemo had damaged his intestinal tract, which eventually the oncologists reluctantly admitted. He could not eat or drink for those two weeks and his skin was hanging off his bones. Every day, I administered two tablespoons of colloidal silver, three times a day to my brother to alleviate the inflammation in his digestive tract along with immune system building herbs and medicinal Chinese mushroom extracts. He was out of a hospital after 5 weeks. He refused chemo thereafter and all his scans since have shown no trace of cancer as of yet.

If you want a cautious approach to treatments, then I would avoid Plasma sessions on the day of chemo and one day after. Try one session and see how she fares. If she does have a reaction that is quite noticeable then to me that's likely a good indicator as we know something right is working for her. If you can include organ support programs on a continuous loop that would be great, even when she's on chemo:

White Remote - David Halliday preset
Kidney Insufficiency (CAFL)
Lungs (CAFL)
Abscesses 3 (CAFL)
Liver Support (CAFL)
Circulatory Stasis (CAFL)
Lymph Stasis (CAFL)

There's also another excellent preset submitted by a forum member, based on anti-cancer herbs. This preset is also good for organ protection and runs for about 7 hours and 12 mins:

BRCHIB (R) Preset:
White Remote
Japanese Knotweed
Red Root
Salvia miltiorrhiza
Milk Thistle

2. Listen to a cancer sufferer who has had chemotherapy describe what's happening to them after a session: nausea, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea. It sounds like an intense herxheimer reaction. All those chemotherapy side effects are the result of massive cellular die-off. I sure wouldn't add to that detoxification burden with plasma treatments. Consider waiting or better yet delay the chemotherapy sessions and use Spooky instead.

3. I had good success in helping someone with chemo and Spooky (and I don't have Spooky Central).

I checked blood every week so make sure she asks for a copy. She won't get one unless she asks.

I posted some suggestions on this thread:

My understanding is to not to use cancer frequencies when someone is on chemo. You mentioned that it won't start until Friday so think about looking into that. I think it is John White who posted something about Spooky and chemo working from different ends.

For more details, please check the link:

4. I used both chemo and Spooky2 at the same time. I ran scans and then ran the programs. I alternated with the cancer programs and Terrain. Occasionally run other stuff like Tinnitus, Candida as needed.

5. You can really make any choice for yourself. It is good to note that it is very difficult to get Spooky2 results while getting chemo. I was told by an expert that it's one step forward and one step back. Also, every case is quite unique and as a 2-time cancer survivor, I understand how difficult decision making is. What works for some may not work for another so it's a challenge. You certainly have a good start. Your 2 months of what you are doing are wonderful.

6. I only did Remote, I didn't do any Contact healing. As I understand that Remote is more "gentle". I only ran Terrain for a couple times first, just to get used to Spooky2. I only have 2 Generators, no Plasma, so I feel my involvement with Spooky2 and cancer treatment was pretty gentle.

For more details, please check the link:

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  • Very helpful. Answers a question I was just about to ask. 

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