Has anyone found Spooky helps clear up their brain fog?

1. Look up mind, clarity and mental in the database. My fog has always been come-and-go, based on exposures, etc., but with reducing the toxin and pathogen loads (with Rife, diet, etc.), it seems the stress levels are reducing so the fog levels and frequency seem to be reducing.

2. Doing a Footbath for several days in a row really helped my brain fog.
I use the Detox\Contact\Footbath Preset using the two tub method described in the Notes of that Preset.

I've had some success with the Plasma Environmental Mold Sweep Presets.

3. You could maybe try the molecular weight frequency for molybdenum. Molybdenum can clear aldehydes - which are a major candida toxin. That might help. Use the shell preset for molecular weight. I would also use vitamin c and activated charcoal if you have them to further bind toxins.

4. I believe the best thing would to stop killing anything, rest + water (vitamin c, magnesium, lemon juice type of thing) and wait for few days till you feel clear. I got bad in the past rifing candida,now I'm back to it with different programs and no problem so fear, this bug is stuff, but with this level of herx nothing else can't be done beside stopping and clearing the residual toxins. Get back to it later.

5.Time released Alpha Lipoic acid helps with releasing toxins in brain. Glutathione ( you can add it into your program in Spooky2). I also agree with activated charcoal.

6. I would for sure NEVER do a MMS enema again. Most likely it killed all your friendly bacteria and now you are going to have to work very hard time replacing it. “MMS or the CD protocol, is chlorine dioxide, an industrial bleach.” It kills everything! Your friendly bacteria are precious warriors of your immune system. If you are going to do an enema make it bifidus. That’s what belongs there. A big reason for candida is the lack of friendly bacteria. Bleach is also not healthy for the liver either. Once I did a colloidal silver enema and it took me years! to repopulate my intestinal track. Stop trying to fix it. It’s a symptom of other things going on. It protects you from absorbing the monsters and metals into your cells. The best way to get rid of is to get rid of it’s cause and stay off starches and sugars. Eat a raw diet with enzymes. Spooky has a frequency for the enzyme serrapeptase. Taking enzymes that “do no harm”, chewing away at candida’s cell wall is the most effective. Just make sure your body is ready to do the detox. Take milk thistle for your liver and parsley for your kidneys. Go slow your body is wise. Don’t try to overpower or out run it. Biggest lesson of my life. I almost killed myself trying to heal, so not worth the double time effects I had to deal with. Healing takes time. Be kind to yourself and appreciate the moments. It’ll get better.

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