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How to test whether Spooky2 PEMF coil is working

1. The quickest way to test this-which I found by accident when I thought there was something wrong with my unit-is to put Spooky Remote BN on the coil. You'll hear the coil buzzing. And the LED on the remote will light up.

2. Spooky2 PEMF sends very brief pulses to a coil. The pulses are a fixed 100 Hz, but the duration is very brief: 69 microseconds. This means that it is very hard to detect. The coil spends 69 microseconds on and 999931 microseconds off. It is on for only 0.0069% of the time!

Before testing, please make sure all the connection is tight and firm. Please check detailed instruction from here:

Placing an AM radio next to the coil whilst it is running will make the radio produce a buzzing sound. This is the easiest way of checking the coil.

For more videos in detail, please check here:

FM does not work.

Testing spooky2 coil using a multimeter, you can click here for more details:

Or the operation of the coil can be checked using a sensitive compass. Holding the coil next to the compass should show a slight movement in the needle. Any movement at all indicates the coil is working, because the copper coil itself is non-magnetic until it has electricity flowing.

Please check the testing video from here:

And this video:

3. I guess: You get these 600 Gauss only if you connect the Spooky Coil to the Spooky Central.

I know: If you connect it to the XM generator then you get around 1 Gauss.

In this case and because of the relatively low current that flows through the coil it does not get hot.

For more details, please check the link from:

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    Bryan Fitzpatrick

    Thanks Echo,

    I initiated this enquiry via the online messaging service. My enquiry arose because I tried the PEMF system for the first time by itself. I was using it for 10 minutes and then realised that I hadn't turned it on. After switching it on I again used it for about 10 minutes but really could not notice anything happening. Hence the enquiry.

    Should I be able to notice anything?

    In response to your post I purchased a small compass from a camping/outdoors store here in Australia. It didn't respond. Today I replaced it with one similar to the one above without success. There was no movement whatsoever. I also tried it with my iPhone compass with no response.

    I purchased 4 generators a few weeks ago and about 10 days later purchased Spooky Central. When I received SC I connected it all up largely to make sure it was working. Plasma lit up and appeared to be OK, so I assumed everything was working. As it is a steep learning curve and I need to experiment to find the best approach for my health condition I have been taking it slowly. Additionally I have been getting quite strong herx reactions. So I decided that I would largely focus on the remotes until the 'herxing' becomes more tolerable and allow me to use the more stronger solutions offered by the SC technology. Nevertheless, I decided that I could try the PEMF solution to focus on specific area problems. But now I have this uncertainty of whether the device is working or not!

    I setting up SC I was very conscious of the requirement to not change the online device configuration whilst the machine is on. To date I have left everything connected whilst running the PEMF the few times to test its operation.

    Kindly advise what I should do next.

    Regard Bryan


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