My brother just found out he has diabetes, any info would be appreciated.

Pancreas Insufficiency
20,250,650,625,600,465,444,26,2720,2489,2170,2127,2008,1800,1600,1550,802,1500,880,832,787,776,727,6 90,666,20

Pulmonary Fibrosis - 27.5,220,410,

Circulatory Stasis - 40, 2112,2145,2720,2489 - 4 min each

General Antiseptic
10000,5000,2145,1550,1488,880,802,786,776,766,760, 728,688,683,676,666,660,464,450,444,428,120,20

Detox 4 Toxins Throughout The Body
2.4,5.8,6.3,7.8,20,26,35,60,72,125,165,200,444,465,522,588,600,625,650,666,685,690,727,760,776,787,8 02,832,880,1250,1500,1550,1850,2127

Run the above for about 14 day and only thereafter bring in the diabetes you have:

Diabetes 1

Diabetes 2  

For more details, please check:

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