A friend has breast cancer. I'm starting with the Terrain protocol. I was to continue with the Terrain protocol on one generator and start in with Fibrosarcoma 1744 on the other. I would use MN and the DH Killing settings, is that correct?

Please download the Spooky2 Cancer Protocols Pack here (under "Useful Documents"):

This contains a PDF Guide, installation instructions, and three folders containing Presets created for three different Spooky2 systems. The one you need to install is titled "Contact Plus 2." This contains the Terrain Protocol as well as support sets, and instructions are given for making Programs specific to the cancer on pages 17-19 of the Guide. But please read all of this document because much of the information it contains pertains to all three types of rig, and repeating this three times would have made the guide too long.

To save your created Programs as Presets, please see Spooky2_User's_Guide_17032016, pages 70-74.

You shouldn't use an MN (black) Remote when treating cancer because it may make things worse - please use Bio North (white) only.

The idea behind the protocol is to remove all unnecessary burdens on the immune system, which is our primary weapon against cancer, and to prepare the eliminatory system for dealing with toxic dead cancer cells. I suggest a compromise: rather than dedicating one generator to Fibrosarcoma at this stage, I would load and run through each step - but add the set for Fibrosarcoma to each one by searching for it, then double clicking it. You will see it appear at the end of the list in the Selected Programs field.

For more details, please check the link:

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