My mother has brain Tumor. How do I know if I have found the right frequency?

For the main SC set:
You can only know by seeing an improvement with your interaction with her.
For example, she will talk more than she did. The only way you can know that is to apply ONE frequency (or one frequency set) for a short-time; and then wait and check how she is as David says.

If you believe time is short, then you could try each set for the short time (few mins each only); so that total time is not too much.

If speech is being reduced then this could mean it is located on the middle, right hand side from her perspective.

Others to try include:
Cancer Gliblastoma Tumor (cafl)
Cancer Gliomas (cafl)
I would also try BX/BY sets that come with SC.

BTW. Bovine colustrum & probiotics gave some positive results for a time (tumor shrank) - you Should be able to get both of these from health store/online.
Frankincense (Hojari) is something you could also try on inside of wrist, base of feet, 1 drop.

For detox sets;
tens pads sounds ok to me.

For immune stimulation sets;
such as schumann these could be contact, or remote. Benefit of remote is that it can run 24x7.

For more details, please check the link:

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