Will scalar wave targets all DNA and benefits the other organisms from the sample if there are bacteria or fungi and other things in the sample?

One way you can look at it is this. A frequency will resonate where it can do work.
Let's say your sample contains 5 targets: Human, Bug 1, Bug 2, Dust, and a Pet

The frequency being a healing frequency for say entraining your kidney, it will have the following effect:

Human - has kidney, has an effect.
Bug 1 - has no kidney, has no effect.
Bug 2 - has no kidney, has no effect.
Dust - no effect
Pet - may have an effect if the frequencies also resonate with the pet, but most likely will not work in this case.

Let's take a look at a killing frequency for Bug 1:

Human - receives frequency to all cells, cells vibrate imparting resonance to bug 1, and bug 1 feels awful.
Bug 1 - receives frequency to itself direct, feel really awful.
Bug 2 - feels good that he is not bug 1.
Dust - no effect.
Pet - receives frequency to all cells, but has no bug 1, so nothing happens.

So unless you have a frequency that actually resonates with a bug to make it stronger, I would not worry.

If you do find a frequency that reinforces a pathogen, doesn't matter then if it gets to the pathogen via direct QE or via resonance from QE from the host.
Please check the link below for more answers and thoughts: http://on.fb.me/1M3SX4q

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