What's the most effective sweep frequency range and settings to deal with cough /bronchitis sinusitis /swollen throat?

1. As suggested to another that was undergoing the same experience (lack of being able to find the right frequencies), try the Spooky Spectrum Sweep.

Since it hits all frequencies, it is bound to hit what ails you if pathogenic in nature.

Suggest running the sweep for at least 12 hours before switching to detox for 12 hours since you have only one generator if I recall correctly.

Use a white (BN) remote. Repeat the 12 hour / 12 hour cycle daily, but try not to exceed 7 days. Keep your gut flora in check since they will be hit as well.

2. I ended up buying a nebulizer and nebulizing good quality colloidal silver 2x/day and within a few days it was pretty much gone.

3. My personal experience is that it is best to dowse or muscle test for the programs needed. Often a virus set applies (SV 40, Adeno Virus, etc.). I usually need at least one cold or flu set and often a sinusitis/rhiniitis set. I rarely run sets for "cough" but sometimes briefly for "TB".
THEN, I often need to change what I am running. Sometimes more than once a day.

4. I started using the Biofilm Structures Preset from the M&L Protocol on 2 generators offset by 5 minutes, along with the HC Converge Sweep (R) - JK Preset from the Frequency Sweeps Preset folder on another generator. It seemed to break up much of the phlegm making, although we still have some of the cough and phlegm... One of the Biofilm builder generators has been moved on to the next M&L Preset - R05 Immunomodulators.

It is still a continuing saga.

5. When nothing else works for stopping a non-stop dry cough, I have had great success running on remote Promethazine MW and Codeine MW for 18 minutes every six hours using JW MW preset. Immediate relief!

6. I was lucky and hit the jackpot first time with this one and got over it all in a week with no cough. Husband had to have antibiotics because it went to his chest. Might be worth trying however.

7. Run the Chemtrail sets and ozone. Same here in NY, we got hit with that bug. It goes and comes back. Pay attention to the skies, there is always a massive spraying days before a relapse comes about. When you see a spraying in your area, run the Chemtrail sets. It takes a few days for the chems to make landfall. Run them and you will see benefits.

8. There's a good chance that cough is whooping cough. In adults it does not produce the characteristic whoop but does cause long term cough. It is referred to as the "hundred day cough" perhaps a program for whooping cough or pertussis would help.

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