Has anyone got any advice for treating rheumatoid arthritis? Or a protocol maybe?

1. Try ultrasound with Spooky @600 hz it has helped my patient knees arthritis reduced and mobility imoroved from being lifted assisted to just stick and walker without assistance age 72 female 30 min daily exposure with fruits and vegetable juice

2. In addition to the Songs of the Spine, I have ran the following using contact mode. I used TENS pads on the back of each of my shoulders as my issue is in my neck.

I used a custom waveform from the user forum (Manuel's Mod InvSawtooth). No special settings otherwise.

Arthritis Rheumatoid (CAFL), Bursitis (CAFL), Minerals - Calicum (CUST), Minerals - Chromium (CUST), Nerve Pain (XTRA).

3. Also something to try which seemed to help me. I ran the Colloidal Gold Octal (CUST), Colloidal Silver Octal (CUST), and Colloidal Copper (CUST) using a sine wave with a wave cycle multiplier of 5 via remote using a 5v amplitude.

The Colloidal Copper requries you to create a custom frequency set. Enter the following information:

Program Name: Colloidal Copper
Freqeuncies: L572
Dwell: 300

See the following for more information:

4. Search Programs for "rheumatoid arthritis" (without quotes) I would try the CAFL & XTRA programs first.

Also run "Joint Inflammation" and "Inflammation General" programs as well.
Also run "Lymph Drain Circulation" and other "Lymph" programs.

Also recommend doing Lymph Massage by hand - search YouTube. 

5. For pain relief I suggest you try fresh ginger root. Peel ginger root, slice and dice and place in a small pot. Add about 1 litre of boiling filtered water and let sit for 1 day in a cool place. Drink juice say 4 ounces or more a day. It may take 3-4 weeks before it takes effect. For good measure I add fresh turmeric root, juice of 1 lemon and large spoon on Manuka honey or similar cold pressed honey. I also add a few shakes of black pepper and cayene pepper. Adjust amount of ginger to get the potency you want.

In addition to my brew, use PEMF on arthritic joints and where she feels the pain. I suggest Mini Magic PEMF device, Apply PEMF treatment once a day for 30 minutes on each location causing pain.

For more details, please check the link:

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