Anyone have good results using any method to rid cold sores?

1. The following was originally very effective via remote. You can try the following sets on plasma:

Dental Foci (CAFL), Dental and Jawbone Infections 1 (XTRA), Dental and Jawbone Infections 2 (XTRA), Dental Infection (CAFL)

Normally I run this in a preset called Overall Dental. If you search this term, it should pull up my tip of the day on how to set it up for remote mode.

I'd use the JW - Spooky Central Low Frequencies preset as a starting point to convert it to plasma based.

Total run time would be 2hrs 30minutes.

This program is based on the following information:

A good all-round dental Program is Dental Foci (CAFL). This targets everything to do with dental health. Others you should look at are the two Dental and Jawbone Infections (XTRA) sets. Finally, Dental Infection (CAFL) targets roots and gums. -David B

While it does not target cold sores specifically, it seems to really clean out the mouth of many things I've ran it against -- including what appeared to be cold sores.

If you really want to hit it hard, suggest you run the above sets via plasma once every 3 days, and run a second generator using the Overall Dental configuration via remote 24/7 for two to three weeks.

While the plasma is not in use, you can use the generator to run detox if you only have 2 generators.

2. About 2 days ago I noticed my lip was dry and noticed that part of the lip just below the nose was a little tender and started thinking it might be the start of a cold sore. The next day confirmed it so I ran the following sets for one day using two White Disk Remotes with Holland 11th harmonic Modulate F1 using F2 (AM DSB) :
Herpes Simplex RTI (CAFL)
Cold Sore (CAFL) set
Essential Oil - Melissa (CUST)
Waveform: Square wave, Inverse + Sync
This morning clearing the throat into the toilet I noticed darkish colored mucus which is normally a whitish to semi clear color. In my mind it confirms that the frequency sets worked for me.

3. If you have the colloidal silver attachment. Colloidal silver works great on those! Spray them at least 4 times a day.

4. DMSO cream 50% on top of a tiny am’t of Abreva. Mine lasted 2 days. Never “came out”.

For more details, please check the link:

For more details, please check the link:

For more details, please check the link:

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