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Fibromyalgia and any advice on where to start

1. Autoimmunity, Fibromyalgia, fibrocysts and need to detox.

When I first started, I focused on detox sets and energy. Did Terrain protocol 2x. Both times Herxed pretty bad. Other 3 people couldn't really tell I was running it/ no Herx. After I finished Terrain, I played with various sets. I like song of the spine (spine prob 432) as many have mentioned many times here and today I added chakra chain to song of spine program.

At night I run my sleep preset program (relax, insomnia, sleep to induce, sleep sound, sleep deeper) and make sure it turns off an hour before I am to get up.

2. Running the "diffuse myofascial pain" set, along w/ fasciitis & myositis has helped to ease the hurting for me.

But other factors must be addressed too - such as dietary choices (cut sugar & carb intake; drink lots of water); & stress reduction, to name a few.

3. Any of the "mystery illnesses" may be helped by ridding the body of multiple pathogens and healing. As such, fibromyalgia afflicted people should benefit from Spooky use.

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