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How to reduce the noise of Spooky2 Remote

These sounds produced by the Remote, occur when the frequency being transmitted lies in the range of human hearing - from about 300Hz to 20,000Hz. Here are some methods to reduce the sound.

Method 1:
Take a roll of paper towels, remove 1 sheet then lower your remote half way into the roll of paper towels then use the one sheet to fill the top hole and to keep the remote centered. I suppose you could lay the paper towels on it's side then plug both ends with a sheet.

Method 2:

Method 3:

You can also transpose pathogen frequencies up out of hearing range, but you can't do this for healing frequencies.

For more details, please check:

Method 4
Found the perfect size plastic container (called "sistema lunch" 200 ml from New Zealand) to keep our remotes quiet. These snap-tight containers fit the spooky2 remote perfectly and works to quiet the tones at night. All you have to drill a hole in the side keeping the size a little smaller than the white stem then push through for tight fit. Got them on Amazon USA. We can finally sleep while the remotes are working and there is space to put two calcite sticks inside - if you are into crystals.

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