How do I get rid of my flu?

1. Load the JW - Killing preset, then load one or more of the various flu programs in Spooky. The Papimi wave preset is also very good for killing viruses. Also consider taking celery seed, whole clove, cinnamon or mustard as they are all antibiotic.

2. You can try the attached preset. The Out2 = Out1 x 0 + 13916.02 part is very useful.
The other (PROV) programs in the set will work but it depends on the stage of the cold/flu and what symptoms you are experiencing (ie. head cold, throat, chest etc).

You could in addition swap some of these out and try sinusitis frontalis, sinusitis 1 and/or 2 (cafl), bonchitis (cafl). Mainly these are symptom-control rather than anything more though.
The preset has a couple of 'experimental settings' that I am using currently.

Please check the attachment.
Cold and Flu.txt

3. It's cold and flu season and when you're sick sometimes you just can't think straight. So I thought it might be helpful to gather up all the information that I've acquired on how to combat Cold and Flu with Spooky and give you some ideas of what you can look for to run.
Attack the pathogens
Ease the symptoms
Build the immune system
Run a sweep

1)ATTACK THE PATHOGENS - Use Killing (Remote) - JW or JK
Cold and Flu (PROV)
Cold and Flu (XTRA)
Cold and Flu Basic (XTRA)
Cold Common (XTRA)
Cold 1 (CAFL)
Cold 2 (CAFL)
Cold 3 …. Etc.
Sinus Bacteria (PROV)
Lung Sinus Bacteria (BIO)
Lung Sinus Bacteria (CAFL)
Mucor Racemosus Sinus (BIO)
Mycoplasma General (CAFL)
Osteosinusitis Max (CAFL)
Mycoplasma Fermentans Incognitus (PROV)
Streptococcus Pneumoniae (CAFL)

2) EASE THE SYMPTOMS - Use Killing (Remote) - JW or JK Search for your symptoms in programs, here are some ideas
Decongest (XTRA)
Sinusitis (CAFL) ….
Stuffy nose Rhinitis (CAFL) ….
Runny nose Sinusitis Frontalis (BIO)
Sore Throat (CAFL)
Bronchitis (CAFL)
Cold Coughing (CAFL)
Cough Lingering (XTRA)
Sinus Congestion (XTRA)
Sinusitis Maxillaris (BIO) … formerly known as Headache Rapid Relief

3) BUILD THE IMMUNE SYSTEM - Use Healing (Remote) - JW
Immune System Stimulation 3 (PROV)
Interleukin (PROV)
Lymphocytes Stimulate (XTRA)
Leukocytogenesis Stimulate (XTRA)
Anemia Iron-Deficiency (KHZ)
White Blood Cell Stimulation (CAFL)
These Essential oils can give Immune Support - Use Essential Oil (Remote) - JK
Essential Oil - Citrus Fresh (CUST)
Essential Oil - Ravensara (CUST)
Essential Oil - Thieves (CUST)

Broad Spectrum Antibiotic - JW
This can be found for PLASMA, CONTACT and REMOTE. Look in Presets under Miscellaneous Pick which mode you want to run the sweep - Contact - Plasma - Remote Select BROAD SPECTRUM ANTIBIOTIC - JW (first one from the top)

Spooky Converge Sweep (remote) - DB
This can be found for REMOTE mode only. Look in Presets under Frequency Sweeps Pick REMOTE mode Select SPOOKY CONVERGE SWEEP (R) - DB (second one from the bottom)

(PLEASE NOTE: When running this sweep, it will attack all pathogenic organisms, not just the ones for cold and flu so if you are highly toxic, it could cause herx which might make you feel worse. Use with caution. But someone did note that it gave pathogens a hard time in regards to cold and flu so I've included the information.)

I hope this helps you and I pray that you will feel better soon! If you found something else that helped you, please tell us about it.

4. I just rifed these 5 proven flu frequencies and friend was better within 24 hours with white top remote and Healing (also drinking gallon distilled water per those 24 hours, flush out toxins)

Also may have ChemFlu from Chemtrail toxins. I myself run these frequencies monthly for maintenance.

For more details, please check the link:

5. I was coughing all night on Saturday and yesterday woke up sneezing and nose running and achy all over. I went into presets tab typed in cold and used remote. Within one hour most of my symptoms were stopped, l still have it on and although I know l have a cold the symptoms are hardly there.

For more details, please check the link:

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  • Can this protocol be used for treating the eyes with these programs ? :

    Eye Disorders (CAFL)
    Eye Disorders (XTRA)
    Eye Discharge (XTRA)
    Eye Infections (KHZ)
    Eyesight to Improve (CAFL)
    Eyesight to Improve (XTRA)
    Floaters (KHZ)
    Eye Floaters (XTRA)
    Vision Poor (CAFL)


    Many thx :)


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