Can Spooky2 help with Lyme, Babesia, and other co-infections at the same time?

Late-stage cancers, Lyme, and Morgellons require a different kind of Rife strategy which can't be done on conventional machines. But Spooky2 allows something we call parallel pathogen processing:

Lyme is a multi-pathogen cross-phylum disease that's extremely difficult to treat conventionally unless it's caught in time. It's also a cousin to Morgellons Disease in that it shares many of the same pathogens.

The first thing to know about multi-organism diseases is that their elements all interact and co-operate with one another. So what you get is not multiple separate infections but a group infection by a COMMUNITY whose members work together synergistically, making the whole disease greater than the sum of its parts.

This pathogenic community is able to share information with one another through a process called "quorum sensing," and they also have the ability to swap fragments of their own DNA in order to pass on treatment resistance to other community members. Because of this, Morgellons and Lyme are very special cases that require a different Rifing approach.

Conventional Rife treatment is done using a single machine that runs programs in a linear way, one after another. Because of pathogenic synergy, this is inefficient, and healing will take a long time. However, the Spooky2 system can do something that no other Rife system can do - parallel pathogen processing.

You do this with multiple generators running together in Remote Mode, each one targeting a different organism or problem at the same time. This defeats all the survival mechanisms the organisms can use and destroys pathogenic synergy.

For Morgellons and Lyme, we currently recommend using at least two or four generators.

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  • I can only find the "parallel pathogen processing" related to using in combination with remote. Is it also possible to run one generator with contact mode and the second generator with PEMF coil at the same time? Or two different contact presets with two generators in parallel?

    thank you!


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