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What is the difference between healing and killing?

A frequency will resonate and do its job where needed, regardless of whether you think it's healing or killing.

If you are new to Rifing and Spooky2, then the best way you can get started without trouble is to use the JW - Healing preset for everything - yes even for killing.
This preset uses a square wave which is universal and capable of doing both healing and killing modalities well.

When you get further down the road, you will be in a position to decide when using JW - Killing may be more efficacious for the frequency sets you are targeting. JW - Killing uses an inverted sawtooth waveform which makes frequencies that resonate with pathogens particularly more effective, but may be too harsh for a frequency that resonates with your kidney.

What about white (BN) Remote vs the black (MN) Remote. Suggest at the start that you set everything up with the white (BN) Remote. This will do both modalities as well, and you don't have to worry about whether you have an intolerance to the black (MN) Remote.
Once you get further down the road, you will be in a position to decide when using a black (MN) Remote may be the way to go.

So in summation, when starting out, use JW - Healing and a white (BN) Remote (or Contact) when trying out programs in Spooky2. As your knowledge and experience grows, feel free to explore more options.

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