What is the best frequency program for invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer (IDC)?

1. In software type in "breast cancer" and choose frequencies will find helpful for "carcinoma".

For more details, please check:

2. I think the high-frequency BFB scans and detoxing are great options. If you can't find it in the database, you may have to do a more generic program. Direct target will be what the GX BFB scan returns.

3. After Google, Invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC), sometimes called infiltrating ductal carcinoma, is the most common type of breast cancer. About 80% of all breast cancers are invasive ductal carcinomas. In this case, we recommend you to run cancer protocol which will tell you when run terrain protocol (detox) and when you need to do biofeedback scan. You can find cancer protocol in spooky2 software. Hope it can help you

4. Breast Cancer is synonymously linked to a hormonal imbalance and usually, the culprit is xenoestrogens. Xeno meaning foreign which is basically synthetic and the body is unable to break down. Phthalates are in fact Xenoestrogens found in plastic products, so limit the use of any plastic and foods stored in plastics. Toxins are often stored in soft tissue and that is why men get prostate cancer and of course, women get Breast cancer. There is a Spooky program that deals with plastics and I also believe this is a great start. Watch your meat intake because meat feeds tumor tissue and additionally avoid all seeds and sprouts. Do not use Canola oil (highly toxic) and avoid all berries. Perhaps blueberries are ok. No dairy and get a good juicer too. Make sure you run the Terrain protocol first and complement it with the Cancer preset protocol. The Phanotron tube is best and I hear the scalar kits are also excellent. Empty Shell Presents> plasma and programs associated will be great also. Avoid fluoridated tap water and eat only organic fruit and plenty of vegetables

5. Please read the Cancer protocol documentation in the Presets tab of Spooky, under >Cancer, >DB, GUIDE Cancer DB - Click Me.pdf.

6. I have breast cancer. I would suggest that after doing terrain you start with the breast cancer options in the database but you need to get organized to do your own biofeedback scan as soon as possible and run those results. I have heard that cancer morphs as you expose it to frequencies. This seems to be borne out by my experience. Each time I do a BFB scan it comes up with a list of frequencies that are NOT contained in the database, nor are they contained in the BFB scan results I was using previously. You need to keep scanning to stay on top of the changes.

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