Has anyone successfully relieved lyme disease with Spooky2?

1. My Lyme/Morgellons Has Greatly Improved

Lyme sufferers know finding the right treatments and protocols is overwhelming. I have tried everything from antibiotics and herbal supplements to therapeutic treatments like PEMF mats, ultrasound, and infrared therapy. You really need it all to see improvements but doing all of these things financially adds up quickly, which means inconsistent treatments or just having to abandon treatments, even if they work if you have a limited budget. While Spooky is definitely a big financial investment for most, already it seems to have been worth it. The new Spooky2 GeneratorX Pro is so versatile, it is both economical and all encompassing when it comes to the many ways to treat symptoms. With this machine you can get most of the top recommended treatments used by many alternative and integrative clinics for Lyme/Morgellons. For me, the Generator X is as good as having your own alternative medicine clinic at my disposal 24/7! In the short time I have had the Generator X (about 2 weeks) my health has greatly improved, and based on the improvements experienced so far, I am very hopeful achieving recovery will be possible, and in the long run I very well may save money as I move forward achieving recovery. Combined with the incredible support from the Spooky2 community and the many fantastic tutorials you get what you need to use the equipment with confidence and success. This is a great product that is well worth the investment!

2. Various Lyme Problems Were Fixed Using Spooky2

I’ve been treating myself for 3 years. It should’ve been a lot shorter but with brain fog, it was difficult to read, and every time I tried to work on the Morgellons and Lyme protocol it gave me a big Herx reaction (headache, etc). So I just spent most of the time detoxing and treating my pains.

But at long last, at the start of this year, I began the M&L protocol and I’m now up to protocol no.47. 3 years ago someone took a video of me and I was shocked to see I walked like an old man. A couple of months ago, at 45 yrs old after having suffered from various Lyme problems for over 20 years, I didn’t only start going back to running again, I’m even sprinting (and I’ve had a lot of knee pain for most of my life, which I also discovered is due to Lyme).

I had a long list of symptoms, but Spooky2 seems to be fixing all of them. It’s beyond what I ever dared hope for.

More reviews here: https://www.spooky2reviews.com/page/2/?s=lyme

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