Have anyone had any success with diabetes?

1. I have been Pre Diabetic for some time. When I was sick in October and had to go to the hospital for pneumonia, they gave me steroids, which elevated my blood sugar to dangerous levels. It took me weeks to get over the cause of the pneumonia, then because I had a weakened immune state, I got bronchitis and then mycoplasma (related to my Lyme) . My blood sugars have remained high, and I try to manage on my own rather than take medications. I use a scanner to monitor blood sugar. I thought I was losing this battle and would have to resort to medications. Well tonight I put on the program “Diabetes Hyperglycemia Symptoms” and my blood sugar went to normal without meds!! I am beyond ecstatic! I used the program on remote. If I had any doubts about Quantum Entanglement I am convinced now!!

2. Thanks for sending me my Spooky2 starter set. I’ve mostly been putting it to good use to combat my starting pre-diabetes. After a couple of days of use (JW killing remote, diabetes 2 (CAFL) preset) my glucose levels have returned to normal again. It’s now possible for me to eat everything I like without seeing those dreaded elevated glucose levels!

As soon as I have the funds I’ll buy some more generators so I can start helping some of my family members. I’m really thrilled by the effectiveness of Spooky2!

Thank you for making such a great tool so readily available!


More reviews here: https://www.spooky2reviews.com/page/2/?s=diabetes

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