Can Spooky2 help shrink tumors?

Yes. Here are reviews from our users.

1. The Tumor Is Less Than Half the Original Size in Just 3 Weeks

Three weeks ago, I found a lump behind my armpit. It was an Elastofibroma dorsi, a benign tumor found in elderly folks. I set my Spooky2 generator on Remote and loaded all the tumor and lymph programs I could find. I also did lymph massage a few times daily and finally found a Spooky2 YouTube ( for tumors which I added 3 days ago. The results were astonishing! The tumor is less than half the original size, in just 3 weeks. I will continue with this protocol until it is gone. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at Spooky2. You are awesome human beings and I am ever so grateful!!!


2. The Tumor Is Reducing
I don’t know how to adequately express my sincere gratitude to the Spooky2 team and the selfless support from so many others. A month ago I got my Central complete set up with the intention of taking on Lyme. Since then yet another squamous cell cancer showed up (#14 but on my lip now), and I was around jab*ed family members recently and started to feel something going on in my lungs. I ran BFB and out of the norm did reverse lookup to find 9/10 major hits for that pesky virus. I am now running everything I can to get that crap out of my body and to reduce the size of the lip tumor before surgery Monday. Never have I felt so much relief at knowing Spooky2 is one of the best tools I could have right now, and that it literally is changing potential outcomes. The tumor is reducing, and no further symptoms from the other. So much love and gratitude.
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