Any success stories for SIBO with Spooky2?

Yes, many of our users have tried Spooky2 for SIBO:

1. This machine handles Sibo where as using the supplements in my own experience was expensive because they don’t work fast where as the machine on contact mode kills those Bacteria with 2 seperate treatments. I has SIBO and bunch of other nightmare issues with my gut and handled it literally in 3 days and never had issues again.
I would never ever be without the intelligence of this machine! Go get it asap it will save your life!

2. have been using Spooky2 products for years, I am very pleased with the results for common health problems, it is like having my personal doctor at home. Recently I have been treating with generator X parasite and candida infestations in my intestines, as I was SIBO diagnosed, in combination with a proper diet and vitamin supplementation. Crumps and heaviness in stomach declined immediately. Also I regularly make collodial silver, in combination with essential oils and nebuliser, I cured severe Sinus inflammation, avoiding antibiotics. Great help for any kind of severe or mild condition. The customer service is also very effective and helpful. Big recommendation.

3. I have gastroparesis which causes SIBO. I have Spooky central, flash, 2 genx , and a sample digitizer

I have treated my daughter with lyme disease with spooky with great imporovments.

I have not been admitted to a hospital, since owning their products. I beleive it has been over 6 years. It was a montly occurance of hospital stays for years, before I found rife machines. I was able to remove my J tube, after having one surgically places for 2.5 years.

Thanks spooky!


If you want to give Spooky2 a try but are not sure which product to choose, please feel free to contact us at any time: , we will try our best to help you.

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