I would appreciate any information about relieving macular degeneration.

Let's see what our users do:

1. It's not an overnight thing. I alternate between some DH presets and run every mac/degeneration program in groups of four hours. I also carry a sticker imprinted with the same.

2. I have been running the Macular Degeneration programs on my ex-husband for several months. I am running them on both remote and plasma. He has a GenX Pro and a boost, so we started there with the macular degeneration programs for remote. I added Preset Macular Degeneration JW (R), Eye Disorders (R), MacD 1 (R) XTRA, MacD (R) ETDF and had the sequence repeat indefinitely. That was the first thing and we ran that for several months with no obvious improvement.  We continued with the GenX Proand remote. In the meantime, I set up my Spook2 Plasma with an XM Generator and a Phanotron Tube located within a 5 ft. radius. Similar programming, though I believe I added Eyesight to Improve. Maybe one of the recommended color frequencies also. I run it full time, though mostly it will be effective while he sleeps. After about 2 months, when he next visited his doctor, the Drusen in his right eye had completely disappeared.

3. I unfortunately don’t. But my mother suffers from macular degeneration and a few months ago the doctor told her that she was going to lose sight in three months. I started running a spooky program immediately and she still sees, and better than ever. I would suggest you get at least two generators in order to run a detox program in the other one.

More reviews here: https://www.spooky2reviews.com/?s=macular+degeneration

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