Any advice on autism?

1. We found improvements from Terrain.

2. Autism as a condition has many factors that affect the episodes. So its hard to say precisely what woudl be best. But as much of the symptoms of Autism correlates with PTSD and ADHD, one can still use other recommendations to help the patient with rife. Also regular biofeedback and treatments will be useful too as pathogens in the body can also create the symptoms. So yes you can help the patient with Autism, but a complete cure woudl be another issue.

3. Autism is where there is an immune activation of the brain that doesn't turn off. This has been proven by autopsies that show that the brains of autistic people are all inflamed. What causes this inflammation may vary from person to person, but there are many commonalities. It is NOT genetic.

Diet plays a huge role (gut/brain connection) so remove all allergens (wheat, dairy, glyphosate, which means a carnivore diet seems to work wonders for many).
Detox, detox detox. Especially from metals like mercury and aluminium. Spooky is awesome for this.
I've seen friends hugely reduce their children's symptoms doing these 2 things.
Recommended products for detox and bfb: 
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