I have had a bit of neuropathy in my middle toes for about maybe a year.The Acupuncture guy says it is kidney meridian,so I have started to take Juniper berry oil on central point of my feet as well as maybe 6 drops on my water bottle and liver drops also

1. Just busy treating Mom as I write this for a neuritis following surgery (thankfully almost gone !!!!)

Neuropathy and Neuritis are slightly different both affect the peripheral nerves - not the CNS.
One is a malfunction, the other an inflammation - the latter can lead to the former.

On the CAFL we have found Neuropathy, Neuritis, Neurorelax - gives relief.Also run acute pain.

If you suspect an infective cause - you need to run Herpes virus frequencies particularly Herpes 1 and 2, Herpes 4 (Epstein Barr), I also add in Herpes 5 Cytomegalo virus, Coxsackie virus and Hepatitis E virus- the latter a well known cause Brachial Neuritis.

You could also consider running general infection off the CAFL, Wound healing, and blood circulation,detox.

Don't forget to consider Vitamin B deficiency - B12 and B1 as a cause.

In older folks the B12 deficiency develops as a result of reduced gastric acid and pepsin (required for absorption from food) - also possible in individuals on PPI's - protein pump inhibitors designed to reduce stomach acid in individuals with GER reflux or gastric ulcerative disease.

Diabetes with high circulating sugar levels, also damage nerves directly or by microvascular damage- and can cause neuropathy.

2. Neurology - Topic - 18 Peripheral neuropathy

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