What can I do to help epilepsy?

Causative to epilepsy is off course a great direction to look. Gallbladder meridian as the control center of stress is always involved. Heavy metals maybe, emo stress probably. Dehydration may well be. Cannabis as THC very high positive impact. CBD will also assist some. Detoxing metals and other toxins, hydrating is essential. So many roads to Rome, and rife can work for sure. Homeopathy I would try spascupreel and atropine.

Take Iodine to help the thyroid as well as colloidal silver and selenium to start. Great way to detox in addition to the machines.

CBD could be used for epileptic attacks, my mom had petit mall attacks and hypothyroid. There is a gluten connection. Bach rescue remedy helps too. EBV May be an underlying cause so she can try that. Be careful when running frequencies with epilepsy because even flashing light can cause a seizure or emotional stress, a variety of triggers depending on the person.

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  • Dr. Hulda Clark talks about the cause of epilepsy as being a combination of a parasite - Ascaris in the brain and allergens in food. Refer to her books "The Cure for All Diseases" and "The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers". You can also find Dr. Clark's protocol online. 


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