We are trying to heal Kidney Cancer he has pain in his Kidneys. We have used the Kidney Cancer program. But the pain is still the same, any ideas?

1. My suggestion is to follow one of the Cancer Protocols. Each have a Guide document within the folder to explain how to follow it.


2. David Bourke's healing & support presets in the Cancer/DB folder are wonderful. We run them on Remote. (They start with RX, or the Plasma version would be PX. There is also one specific to pain.)

3. Hemp oil as well is assisting in reversing cancer amazingly well too.

4. Turmeric, vegetable juicing, medicinal mushroom teas, apricot kernels(buy the powder on amazon), wheat grass juice/powder, Baking Soda all major helpers in alkalizing the blood and body and restoring immunity and taking away the toxic environment cancer cells proliferate in. Its very important to alkalize and detox the body, blood and mind through diet and life style change to reverse cancer. Remember that Rife discovered that alkalizing the persons blood and body was necessary to make the frequency therapy effective and that the last patients in his experiment that took longer to cure he realized he had been Rifing them too much and their toxicity was exacerbated by the more frequent treatments which enabled the cancer to have the toxic acidic environment it needs to live and thrive and that in order to heal them he had to detox/alkalize them more and rife them less. 

This video/documentary of a successful Australian businessman who was very over weight and sick..used vegetable juicing for 60 days to alkalize and reverse all his illnesses and created a movement globally:
All my best to you in reversing the cancer asap...

For more details, please check the link:

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