Is there a program for full spectrum light?

1. Search for Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD in the database.

2. It may behoove you to know what full spectrum light is -- all wavelengths that are useful to plant or animal life.
Visible light encompasses all colors with a wavelength of 750nm to 380 nm (nanometers).
Full spectrum light adds the infrared and near-ultraviolet spectrum.
This extends the range to cover 1000 nm to 200 nm wavelengths.
This range spans frequencies between 299.792458 THz to 1,498.96229 THz (Trillions of Hz).
The generators can not produce frequencies in the Terahertz range.
There is a reason SAD lamps are used to address this condition, as the output being light actually produces the frequencies directly.
You should also know that it takes nearly 100 times more power to generate one near-ultraviolet photon as it does to generate a red light photon. So not only is the frequency of the near-ultraviolet much higher, but it carries a lot more energy to do work.
No harmonic of these frequencies, in the range of the generator, will do the same work.
It would be akin to switching from baseballs to confetti, and still attempting to knock down a stack of tin cans.


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