Can you use a Spooky2 as an ultrasonic machine?

Two problems.
1. Generator doesn't have enough power to drive an ultrasonic wand directly.
2. Generator doesn't have enough power to drive a heating element directly.
This type of use would require an amplifier -- much like how the Central acts as an amplifier to drive the plasma bulb.
Yes the central has an ultrasonic output, but it is not a direct frequency output port.
It will run the ultrasonic as a harmonic of the plasma input frequency, which limits its use for independent use. As a compliment to plasma, a harmonic works.
In the fast mode, the harmonic is 1/16th the input frequency. In the slow mode, the harmonic is 1/256th the input frequency.
So while the ultrasonic wand goes up to 1 MHz, it is essentially limited to the following ranges:
Fast: 6,250 Hz - 187,500 Hz
Slow: 390.625 Hz - 11,718.75 Hz
As you can see, only about 20% of the wand's output frequency range is utilized.

For more details, please check the link:


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