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When l am running Central Plasma, how can I check if those accessories (PEMF, TENS...) are working properly?

One method to test the PEMF coil on the Central is to place it on a metallic surface. It should produce a clicking sound.


Of note, the PEMF and TENS connections on the Central both use a fixed 100 Hz frequency. They do not operate contingent on a generator. When the switch is flipped to the ON position, they are active as long as the Central is powered on -- even if no generator is attached.


The PEMF is there to augment plasma applications as a pain relief accessory.


The TENS uses very short spikes of high voltage 100 times a second to induce electroporation -- inducing cell wall permeability. It is not felt because each pulse is so short.


The only option on the Central that is tied to the generator input frequency besides the plasma tube is the ultrasonic option. This will run a harmonic frequency that is either 1/16th (fast) or 1/256th (slow) the frequency that is being generated on the plasma.


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