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Is there a kit capable of treating different people at the same time? Which kit/product should I purchase?

Hi, if people share the same disease, you can run the same program on these people via remote mode using only one generator. You can put their DNA samples, such as fingernails, on one Spooky2 Remote, and here are some tips for you:


PS: Please use different DNA stickers to keep them separate.


For different diseases, you need to choose the right programs for them. Therefore, just one generator will not be enough. The number of diseases you want to treat decides how many generators you need.


For example, you are treating two people with different diseases. Of course, you will need two different programs. To run the programs, you will need two separate generators. We recommend using XM Essential Kit or GeneratorX Essential Kit. XM Essential Kit includes XM generators, and GeneratorX Essential Kit has one GenX (one GenX equals two XM generators), which is both enough for treating two diseases at the same time.




On this basis, if you want to help more people, you can buy extra XM remote kits for your existing gear. One more person, one more generator.


In general, we recommend at least two generators, even if you only have one health problem. One is for daily detoxification, and the other is for running the program you need.


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