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Can l use the cables with no filters instead of USB filter cables when using the central?

These cables are necessary with Plasma because the plasma creates a lot of noise.


If you are trying to run a plasma system in conjunction with other generators that don't have these cables, or even if they do, you may face getting a lot of generator errors.


For people who have a plasma system, and want to run other simultaneous generators at the same time (say for remote), I highly recommend using two computers and having two separate Spooky systems.


The reason is that getting a bunch of Spooky generators to work on a single computer while plasma is running is super difficult. It may be possible to get this kind of setup to work, by replacing all your USB cables with the ones with the green donut in the cable, and carefully placing the generators to make the other generators as far as possible from the plasma bulb, but this is a huge headache, and while theoretically possible, it is fraught with headaches.


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