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When I run a GX High Frequency Biofeedback Scan (C) - JW, can l modify the Starting Frequency which by default is 41000Hz to 100 Hz? Also, is it okay to change the Max Hits to Find from 10 to 15?

You can do anything you want, but it isn't recommended to start the scan at a lower frequency because 1). You will very soon get into the range where contact will be very uncomfortable. This will affect the results negatively.; and 2) the range is selected because there are typically no pathogens believed to be below this level - and if there are, it's easier to tolerate frequencies above this and trust that there will be enough signal strength that they are damaged by the subharmonic effect.

You can use 15 hits. This will add time to each cycle of the repeat and also be hitting more pathogens at once, so may affect the amount of herx you have.


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