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How do I get rid of BFBs from the program list ?

Edit the BFB_Frequencies.csv file which houses the data, stored in the directory where you installed Spooky2.


Two options on how to edit:


1.Open with notepad. One record per line, just delete each line you don't want. Ensure when saving the file, that you leave one blank line at the end of the file.


2. Use the built in editor. Using the menu, go to Database, Edit Biofeedback Database.

A little more tricky to use the editor that is included.


Just be careful not to edit with a spreadsheet program, which will be the default program to open being the file is a CSV file. You can edit with a spreadsheet if you ensure to save it as a CSV and not have the program covert it into a spreadsheet binary file.


For more details, please check the link:


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