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How to copy and paste my BFB scans from one computer to another?

1. Put them on a USB drive and they go straight to where you want.


2. You need to put it in the Scandata folder of Spooky2 software. Then you need to click on the analyze button and in the open window you will see your file. Write the name of BFB and click on the save icon. And now when you go to the program and search in the BFB file, you will see it. 


3. You can also just copy the saved frequencies from BFB analysis. It is stored in the file C:\spooky2\BFB_Frequencies.csv. If you have not yet saved any BFB analysis results on the new computer, you can copy the entire file over and it will restore your data. If you have saved some BFB analysis results, then you will want to probably merge them. You can do this using notepad.exe. It is a simple text file, with one frequency program per line. Don't use a spreadsheet program to edit. 


4. Save the BFB results you made on this computer, please remember the directory where your files are stored, and then copy your saved BFB results to another computer, under the same directory, you will find them. 


For more details, please check the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spooky2/posts/2052634611565098


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