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Whether "Zapper" is targeted to a specific disease? Do l need to download a frequency program to use the "Zapper"?

The Zapper protocol was invented by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark. It uses electricity to eradicate bacteria, viruses, and parasites in minutes.


Zapper uses a lower voltage and high frequency compared to Blood Purifier. HeaWea MicroGen replicates a zapper by providing the same signals as the original design, but with greater accuracy, speed, and safety.


The mode runs with the lowest power setting for most cases. Ideally, the TENS pads should be placed on your wrists or across the problem area.


A note of caution: the signal from the Zapper is DC. Over a period of time, acids may build up under the TENS pads, causing skin irritation. Always make sure the TENS pads are stuck properly on your skin, and stop the treatment if you feel any pain sensation.


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