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Is it OK to skip the 11-day Terrain and go straight to the treatment because he needs an urgent treatment?

1. Depends how you plan on proceeding. If you plan on doing biofeedback it will pull frequencies for all your toxins you did not address. Toxins are responsible for almost every ailment to a certain percentage. You decide how to proceed with this knowledge.


2. Sure. You can use the gear as you determine what is best for you. Spooky2 provides recommendations and some Don'ts for safety and comfort, but as the owner and user, you choose whether to follow those or do what you think best because you also take responsibility for your health and comfort. If an urgent need is more important than possible Herx from detox, then so be it.


3. You can use whatever you think is best for you. But we prefer that you follow some of the sequential advice and considerations for safety and comfort provided by Spooky2.


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