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Does Spooky2 impact permanently on human body for their well-being?

Usually, not all pathogens are killed, but they are lowered to a point that the body's immune system response can deal with it.


However, if the causality of why the pathogen took over in the first place is not addressed, it most certainly can come back.


Where conditions are correct, life will manifest.


If the body's terrain is conducive to a pathogenic factor, they will find a way to return.
Of course, if you were infected by stepping on something, easy to avoid re-infection.
However, if it is the result of an environmental problem, or diet, etc... then it most certainly will come back.


Continued health requires that we find and address the source of causality.
All Rife does is help alleviate the barriers that prevent the body from healing. It is always the body that does the healing in the end, not the technology.


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